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wheel alignment

According to leading studies, over 70% of all cars on the British street at any given point have issues with their wheel alignment. For a problem as widespread as this, the awareness is surprisingly low, and diagnosis few and far in between.

At Martini Tyre Services, we perform bespoke wheel alignment services according to the severity of the issue. Bring your car to our garage and avail the most complete wheel alignment in Horseley Fields, Wolverhampton. Our technicians are experts in their respective fields with decades of experience between them. Rest assured, whatever issue you come with into our garage, we can solve it better than anyone else, and that includes wheel alignment as well.

When to avail wheel alignment Horseley Fields, Wolverhampton?

Much like wheel balance, wheel alignment issues are quite hard to diagnose, mostly because they hide in plain sight. It takes an exceptionally observant motorist to discern its symptoms and even more importantly, connect those symptoms to wheel alignment.

Nevertheless, you may look out for the following signs that warrant wheel alignment Wolverhampton.

  • Feathered tread wear is a common symptom of wheel misalignment. It happens as one side of the tyre stays more in contact with the tarmac than the other.
  • Increased fuel consumption usually follows wheel alignment issues.
  • If your steering wheel is off-centre even while you are driving straight, wheel misalignment is the likely culprit.
  • You may also experience a steady pull to a particular side.

As you can see, none of these issues is so drastic that one would notice immediately. Yet, if left untreated, they can severely damage the performance of your car.

Best wheel alignment service

Bring your car to our Martini Tyre Services for wheel alignment in Horseley Fields when you notice one or more of these signs. Even if you don’t, you should get it checked once every six months just to be safe.

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