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Being a pioneer in developing the world's first pneumatic tyre, the brand Dunlop has been synonymous with the legacy of providing quality tyres for over a century. Martini Tyre Services stocks an impressive range of Dunlop car tyres in Horseley Fields.

Take your pick from our very best.

A. Dunlop Sport Maxx Race

Engineered from Dunlop’s industry-leading short-braking blocks – the Sport Maxx Race keeps you in perfect control when you’re behind the wheel. These tread blocks increase the road contact under sharp braking – allowing you to come to a complete halt under both dry and wet road conditions.

You could consider its close variant – Dunlop SP Sports Maxx 050 DSST CTT for an equally confident grip and handling. You can buy these Dunlop tyres Wolverhamptons at affordable prices. Both of these tyres sport an asymmetric tread pattern and built with a polymer compound that displaces water effectively and prevents hydroplaning.

We also sell these Dunlop tyres online at heavily discounted prices if you in bulk.

B. Dunlop Winter Maxx WM052

This winter tyre features 3D sipes that are explicitly designed to handle harsh elements of winter. This winter variety, along with Winter Maxx WM051 offers impressive and improved handling while tackling the most unpredictable European winters. You can rely on these Studless winter tyres in Horseley Fields for a superb driving experience.

C. SP Sport 5000 DSST CTT

This Dunlop tyre delivers ultimate all-weather grip and traction under both arid and wet road conditions. As you drive, the pressure gets evenly distributed across the tyre's external surface, allowing maximum contact with the road. It's soft, yet durable rubber compounds offer you a smooth, comfortable ride regardless of the weather.

At Martini Tyre Services, we sell this high-quality variant along with other models of Dunlop tyres Wolverhampton to suit every budget.

Why us?

When you buy from Martini Tyre Services, you’re guaranteed 100% original tyres. Moreover, you can also avail tyre pressure check and fitting services all under one roof.



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