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One of the first considerations you must make while buying a new set of tyres in Horseley Fields is its size. When it comes to tyres, there is no perfect size that fits all cars. Every car requires tyres of a particular size. One cannot expect the same size of tyres to fit on a Beetle and a Hummer.

As such, it is crucial how to read the size of your car tyres and purchase them accordingly. At Martini Tyre Services, we stock tyres across all size variants. Whether you drive a coupe or an SUV, you are sure to find an appropriate set of tyres at our workshop.

How to read tyre size?

Tyre size is denoted as an alpha-numeric code that you may find on the sidewalls of your OEM tyres or your vehicle owners’ manual. It is typically something like 225/60 R18 Y. Each number and digit in this code corresponds to a specific dimensional aspect of a tyre.

  • Tyre width: The first three digits (225) represent the width of that tyre in millimetres.
  • Construction: The following letter (R) describes the type of tyre construction, which is radial in this case. Most modern tyres are radial.
  • Rim diameter: The last two digits (18) denote the diameter of the rim that this particular size is compatible with.
  • Aspect ratio: The next two digits (60) are indicative of its aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is nothing but the size of the tyre’s sidewalls expressed as a percentage of its width.
  • Speed index: The last alphabet (Y) represents the speed capacity of this particular tyre. Y means that the tyre can be driven safely at speeds up to 186mph.

Where can you buy tyres in the right size?

At Martini Tyre Services, you’ll find all tyre sizes in Horseley Fields. Visit us today to buy tyres from every prominent brand in the market. We are open on all business days.

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