Tyre Labelling

At Martini Tyre Services, we stock a complete collection of car tyres in Horseley Fields with their respective EU tyre labels. The ever-rising environmental concerns and the role that automobiles play in it (car emissions recently replaced industrial waste as the most significant source of greenhouse pollution in the UK) led to the European Union imposing strict standards on car tyres.

Every tyre sold within the boundaries of Europe since November 2012 has to adhere to these standards and display their corresponding rating when they are put up for sale.

What is EU tyre label?

EU tyre label rates a tyre based on three fundamental parameters, namely its wet grip, rolling resistance and sound emission. It is essentially a comparison tool which lets a buyer objectively compare different tyres on the same scale.

  • Wet grip

According to the EU tyre label, wet grip is measured on a scale of A to G. The highest rating is ‘A’ and it continues in decreasing order thereafter. ‘D’ is considered the mid-point and is left out of the rating system. It essentially measures the braking performance of a tyre on wet tarmac.

  • Rolling resistance

The rolling resistance of a tyre determines its rate of fuel consumption. Like wet grip, it is also measured on a scale of A to G in the same decreasing order. On average, an A-rated tyre consumes 1 litre less fuel per 100 miles compared to a G-rated tyre.

  • Noise emission

The noise emission of a tyre is denoted by a three-wave symbol where one wave is the quietest. The exact emission in decibels is also present alongside the three-wave symbol.

Best EU rated tyres in Horseley Fields

At our garage, we mostly stock tyres that have above-average EU tyre rating (above D). These tyres ensure that you get the best performance out of your car.

Visit Martini Tyre Services today and let our in-house experts help you choose the best set of tyres for your car.

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