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Road conditions in Britain during summers warrant the use of a specific type of tyre that can handle the extreme heat. Summer tyres in Horseley Fields are fit for the challenge as they perform exceptionally well on both wet and dry tarmac as long as the temperature remains above 7°C.

Martini Tyre Services is one of the largest retailers of summer car tyres in Horseley Fields and its adjoining areas. We have an extensive collection of these tyres that you may choose from.

Features of summer tyres

Summer tyres are the most prevalent types of car tyres in Britain, so much so that they are considered the standard tyres by default. These variants are known for longevity, superior performance and fuel efficiency, among other things.

Here are some features of summer tyres in Horseley Fields that make them markedly unique.

  • Summer tyres are made from a relatively harder rubber compound so that they do not go out of shape at extremely high temperatures.
  • The grooves on these models are shallow, making heat dispersion possible.
  • The shallow grooves also ensure that they have a lower rolling resistance.
  • Summer tyres are incredibly durable. With a little maintenance, you can easily expect 5-6 years of service out of them.

Best summer tyres

At our garage, we stock only the best summer tyres in Horseley Fields after extensive market research and customer feedback. Here are a few models that you may find suitable for your vehicle.

  • Continental PremiumContact 6
  • Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4
  • Dunlop Sport Max RT2

These are just a small sample of summer tyres that you will find at Martini Tyre Services. For a guided tour of our entire collection, feel free to visit us on any working day. All our tyres come with comprehensive warranties and roadside assistance, where applicable.

Why delay your tyre purchase anymore? Visit us today.

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